About Us

The beginning

A family business

We are Niki and Alan Wright and we love food!  Over the last 20 years, we have travelled extensively and lived in Croatia, Singapore, and Dubai.  Whilst we loved the food in each of those countries, we still enjoyed the home cooked British food that we had grown up with.  So in 2016, we both gave up our careers and Posh Spuds was born.  We have grown somewhat from our first days (see photo) and we use only British quality ingredients and all our meat comes from Red Tractor assured farms. Furthermore, we have made the decision to only biodegradable packaging, cutlery, cups and straws.

Homemade, sustainably sourced, gluten free

All of our jacket potatoes are baked on site in our Victorian Pickwick Oven, and all of our fillings are freshly made either at home or on the stall.  In response to customer feedback, all of our fillings are gluten free and vegan where possible.  Our oven has its own urn so we are happy to provide hot and cold drinks as required.  Whilst potatoes are our speciality, we do also have a BBQ grill, and our expanded range includes Posh Dogs, vegetable burgers, and vegan hot dogs.  Oh and don’t forget to try our delicious homemade chocolate brownies!   

Eat yourself happy!


The smell of a baked potato can actually make us feel happier. Scientists discovered that the aromas given off during the cooking process can trigger positive memories in the brain. Findings revealed the majority of participants were uplifted by comforting childhood memories - including favourite grandparents and meals with the family.

Furthermore, this complex carbohydrate is a great source of fibre, vitamins B and C, potassium and other antioxidants, and offers an incredible amount of health benefits.